Games Press assets RSS feed The latest assets from Games Press en-GB Games Press INTELLIVISION AMICO ERSCHEINT IM OKTOBER 2021 30 Spiele zum Start verfügbar Intellivision Entertainment LLC , Pionier und Innovator der Videospielbranche, gibt heute bekannt, dass der Launch der Intellivision Amico- Konsole nun für Herbst 2021 geplant ist, mit dem Ziel, pünktlich zum diesj?hrigen Weihnachtsgesch?ft das gro?artige Spiele-Erlebnis in die Wohnzimmer der Familien zu bringen... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 18:10:00 Z Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions screenshots Wed, 17 Feb 2021 17:06:22 Z Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions artwork Wed, 17 Feb 2021 17:06:00 Z FURY OF DRACULA: DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES ON MOBILE Nomad Games releases Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition on iOS and Android, the digital adaptation of the much loved Games Workshop board game. February 17th 2021, Lymm Cheshire, England. Today, independent developer and publisher Nomad Games released Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition on both iOS and Android. ... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 17:03:52 Z Bugvasion TD Bugvasion TD is out! ... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 17:00:00 Z Magic: Legends Magic: Legends videos Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:54:33 Z Magic: Legends Magic: Legends logos Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:54:00 Z Magic: Legends Magic: Legends screenshots Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:54:00 Z Killer Bundle 15 kicks off a week of big reveals during BundleFest Exclusive 8-game bundle - plus more being unveiled throughout the event! Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 - The wait is over for the biggest game bundle event of the year as Fanatical has launched Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:50:15 Z British Esports Championships Spring Division to return next week, with sign-ups still open FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17th 2021, London:? The British Esports Association has decided the Spring Divisions of the British Esports Championships will recommence with the first fixtures on Wednesday 24th February... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:44:14 Z STRATEGY SENSATION "THE BATTLE OF POLYTOPIA" SURPASSES 13 MILLION DOWNLOADS POPULAR TURN-BASED SUPERHIT ON STEAM LAUNCHES CREEPY-CRAWLY TRIBE EXPANSION PACK “CYMANTI” TODAY THE BATTLE OF POLYTOPIA - CYMANTI TRIBE TRAILER Stockholm, Sweden , February 17, 2021 — Independent developer Midjiwan AB has? announced that its popular turn-based strategy game, The Battle of Polytopia, has been downloaded... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:30:20 Z Haunting open-world action RPG Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King breaks out of Early Access! With a universe born from 10 years of tabletop RPGs, Redlock Studios’ epic is out now on PC Lyon, France, 17 February 2021 -- Rising from the ashes of the hugely successful Early Access period, Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King is out now on Steam with Version 1.0! Traverse gorgeous painterly rolling lands and brace for an immense action/adventure RPG where you must retrace the fall of civilisation in Redlock Studios’ dark, reality-bending epic... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:20:52 Z Ecosystem swims into Early Access on March 16th 2021 Play god in your own underwater ecosystem. SWEDEN, FEBRUARY 18TH, 2021 - Ecosystem, the latest game from indie developer Tom Johnson swims into Early Access on March 16th for $20.00 USD . Ecosystem is published by Slug Disco Studios. ... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:13:51 Z Exit Plan Games is on a roll with Bang-On Balls: Chronicles - an action-packed, ball-banging, level-wrecking, history-bending 3D platformer! A small team of very experienced game developers have come together and put all their extensive knowledge and expertise to make a fantastic game about… uhhmm... balls. Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles is rolling out into Steam Early Access on March 3rd !... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 16:08:55 Z Eville Eville video Wed, 17 Feb 2021 15:31:11 Z 30XX Leaps into Action Today on Steam Early Access FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE POST- HUMAN? EARTH – Feb. 17, 2021 – Wed, 17 Feb 2021 15:08:17 Z Hoist the sail for? Shores Unknown, out now on PC Set course for a tactical RPG adventure, set in a vibrant Viking-inspired world 17 February 2021 -? Shores Unknown , a tactical RPG from developers Vallynne and publisher Hitcents, has launched into Early Access today for Windows PC with this brand new trailer. ... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 15:00:00 Z KeyWe KeyWe logo Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:57:00 Z ???????Grab Yourself a Piece of the Action in the Daedalic Entertainment Nintendo Switch Publisher Sale Hamburg, Germany - 17th February 2021 - There has never been a better time to grab yourself a bargain as Daedalic Entertainment has announced a publisher sale for some of their exciting Nintendo Switch lineup... Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:35:00 Z Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Launches on the Epic Games Store Today Tons of New Content, Including a Collaboration with Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199, are Available In-Game Today Tokyo, February 17, 2021 ?– SEGA today announced their popular free-to-play online action RPG,? Phantasy Star Online 2 (Global) , has launched on the Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:23:44 Z yellow高清在线观看